Developing high-tech shipping solutions and custom applications is what we do at Applied Resources Engineering. Creating solutions revolving around you means we fit the technology to meet your business needs, rather than change your business to fit the technology.

Through the development of cutting-edge parcel technologies, we help companies lower costs, modernize shipping departments and automate key processes in the shipping supply chain. Our engineers integrate parcel technology to your existing IT resources and connect the flow of data throughout your organization including financial, accounting, human resource, supply chain and customer information.

Our SHIPSTORE transportation management system provides flexible solutions for companies of all sizes, ranging from our powerful enterprise software to our cost-efficient cloud-based application. We know that no solution is one size fits all, so we offer choices that fit your needs.



SHIPSTORE delivers the ability to integrate your shipping operations with your financial, accounting, warehouse management system and supply chain software.


Software offerings are designed to integrate with other software to connect your sales channels with an easy shipping process.


Our scalable shipping solution can be easily configured and customized to meet a wide range of business scenarios and needs.